HOMCO Antique Porcelain

HOMCO Antique Porcelain

HOMCO Antique Porcelain figurines are highly sought after collector’s pieces. These figurines were produced for Home Interior sales and have a large following of collectors who love their detailed HOMCO-Antique-Porcelainand whimsical characteristics. They are categorized largely as a “vintage” collectors item and many were produced during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

HOMCO Antique Porcelain is especially loved for their Christmas figurines and decorations. Christmas mice dressed in Santa’s coat and hat bring gifts. Young angel girls hold instruments to serenade from a shelf. Adorable elves made toys for Santa Claus. Little children dressed in winter gear build snowmen, decorate Christmas trees, and bring bags of gifts. Other sets include the denim days collection which depict children dressed in jeans or overalls carrying decorations of the season in a more realistic portrayal. Sets frequently consisted of 2 or 3 figurines that complemented each other.

Another HOMCO Antique Porcelain that is loved by many collectors are the animal figurines. Realistic portrayals of animals from every country grace the shelves of collectors of all types. A series of endangered animals such as the African Elephant with its baby and American Black Bears with cubs is very popular. Also popular is a collection of baby animals portrayed in figurine form. Baby deer fawns, otter siblings, bunnies with their mothers, young horses, and ducklings are all infant animals made immortal in figurine. Other figurines portrayed animals in character form with exaggerated features and wearing clothing personifying them doing human activities. Caroling mice, bears dressed for the first Thanksgiving, animals dressed up for Halloween in costumes, and those riding in vehicles all add whimsy to any collection.

HOMCO Antique Porcelain also portrays scenes and animals in the form of collectors porcelain plates. Many of these vintage porcelain plates were produced in a 3-D format with scenes depicted protruding from the plate rather than just painted on like other producers. This makes them unique compared to other companies productions of the time. Sets included an extension of the Denim Days collection with young children in rural settings as well as beautiful depictions of animals. One such animal plate portrays a beautiful trumpeter swan skimming the water framed by lush greenery.

No matter what kind of porcelain production is being sought from HOMCO, it is guaranteed to be a high quality item. The figurines and plates were produced with abundant detail. Because they were widely sold with Home Interior, many can be found easily for the collector wishing to expand on a particular set.

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